Eating healthy is an integral part of our fitness regime. While we all struggle to eat as healthy as possible, it becomes really hard to choose the best ones among the relentless number of superfoods. Here goes a list of top 12 superfoods which you should never miss if you are willing to detoxify your body and enjoy a bright, clear and radiant skin. Each one of these best foods is readily available in the market and you can rest assured that some of them have a delightful taste Besides being highly nutritious. Below is a list of 12 Healthy Foods for Glowing Skin and a fit body for your regular intake.

12 Healthy Foods for Glowing Skin


Though you have been learning about the benefits of apples from your toddler days, apples are really a smart food that abounds in vitamins and antioxidants called quercetin which makes our immunity stronger. In simpler words, Apple has the power to lighten and brighten your skin owing to the high content of collagen which is in charge of keeping your skin youthful and flawless quite like the skin of this red and rosy fruit.

Healthy Food Apple

Green Tea

Green tea abounds in different types of natural antioxidants which make them a healthier drink to black tea or coffee. Plus the caffeine content of green tea is inadequate. This healthy drink is not only beneficial for your skin and hair but also assists in weight loss. Consuming 3 to 4 cups of green tea can be deemed to be the natural way to flush out toxins and enliven the pristine glow of your skin. What’s more, the antioxidants boost the cell renewal process that tightens the skin making the dark areas of the skin disappear slowly.

Health Benefit Green Tea IMages
Health Benefits of Green Tea


The antiseptic and moisture retention abilities of honey make it a superfood besides fresh fruits and vegetables. Honey is braced with the key nutrients as well as antioxidants that help the skin to heal and fights back the acne causing germs leaving your skin seamlessly beautiful. There is nothing to worry if you are blessed with dry skin; the natural humectant quality of honey can heal the stretches on the parched skin to keep the problems of wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Healthy Food Honey Images
Healthy Food Honey


Omega 3 fatty acids are not just good for your heart but also good for your skin. A recent report published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reveals that individuals consuming diets with optimum amounts of fish and sea foods had developed lesser wrinkles on the skin than those who didn’t. Organic salmon which are not farm raised is definitely a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids that can combat inflammation which paves the way for wrinkles and acne. Salmon also has high amounts of selenium which is a mineral in charge of protecting the skin from damages caused due to sun exposure. It goes without saying that when your skin is free from all these nuisance,  you will look much prettier and younger for longer.

Salmon Nutritious Food Images Healthy
Salmon Nutritious Food


Consuming a cupful of broccoli can provide you with your daily dose of Vitamin C which encourages collagen production allowing skin elasticity. The minerals like zinc, phosphorus, copper, and selenium abound in broccoli along with Vitamin K, amino acids, folate and omega 3 fatty acids that work towards adding glamor to your skin. Plus, broccoli is rich in beta-carotene are converted to Vitamin A. This vitamin helps in protecting the cell membranes from the harmful UV radiation and improves cell renewal process as well. These properties signify that all your old skin tissues would be replaced by new and fresh ones resulting in a bright and radiant skin.

Power Food Broccoli Green Healthy Images
Power Food Broccoli

Bell Peppers

You would be surprised to know that red bell peppers can offer 300% of your daily Vitamin C consumption which is not simply an antioxidant but assists in the absorption of iron. It is also a viable source of Vitamin A, fiber, potassium which is required for fluid regulation within and without the cells and facilitating collagen and cartilage formation. If you can consume the juice of red bell peppers on a regular basis, you can eliminate the free radicals from your body, do away with the blemishes and rashes and enjoy a problem-free glowing skin.

Healthy Rich Bellpeppers pictures
Bell Peppers


Could you ever imagine that this fabulous fungus can find a place in your skincare regimen? The anti-inflammatory properties of mushroom not just help in improving acne but also aids in fighting eczema and rosacea. Being rich in Vitamin D, antioxidants and selenium, mushrooms are great for protecting your skin from wrinkles and fine lines along with the discolouration caused as a result of environmental damage. Eating mushrooms on a daily basis can have a positive result on the oxidative stress and improves the fat layer beneath the skin in order to spare it from aging. What’s more, there are ceaseless varieties of mushrooms available indicating that you can add new ones each day in your palate.

Nutrition Healthy Mushroom Food Images
Mushroom Healthy Food


Who doesn’t love the creamy texture of the avocado toast for the brunch? Besides the heavenly taste of this fruit, is lot more to convince you to add avocados in your daily diet. The mono-saturated fatty acids present in avocados help in maintaining the optimal moisture level in the epidermal layers of the skin coupled with loads of antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Avocados are rich in free radical compounds like lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin and beta carotene that shields our skin from the harmful elements of the environment that would have otherwise made our skin look pale and lusterless.

Healthy Avocado Food Images
Healthy Avocado


The skin benefits of sardines can really surpass the not-so-yummy taste of sardines. You will be thrilled to know that sardine is dense with key nutrients that can bring back the lost glory of your skin in just about 3 days! You go it right; this slimy fish has greater quantities of Omega 3 fatty acids compared to Salmons, high levels of Proteins, Vitamin B12, Calcium, and minerals. Sardines are affordable and if you can somehow manage to get past its taste, none can deter you from achieving a heavenly glow on your skin.

Dark Chocolates

Eating for a glowing skin doesn’t have to be centered on the green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits all time. The good news is that now dark chocolates can help you have the skin you’ve been longing for as the antioxidants and flavonols present in chocolate can kill the stress which means there will be less collagen breakdown in the skin resulting in fewer wrinkles. The flavonols containing in the cocoa is an antioxidant which shields the skin from UV damage and improves hydration both of which are needful for a younger-looking skin. The Wellness Manager for Cleveland Clinic’s Lifestyle 180 program suggests that you have to eat not more than 2 to 3 ounces of dark chocolates that contain over 70 percent cocoa over a week can help you reap the benefits for your skin.

dark chocolates healthy antioxidants images
Dark Chocolate Healthy Food

Parmesan Cheese

Who doesn’t know that calcium helps in preventing osteoporosis, particularly in your 20s? But the greatest dispute is to have 3 servings of skimmed milk and yogurt every day. Parmesan cheese, on the other hand, is a tasty way to add lump sum calcium to your daily diet. An ounce of Parmesan contains 340 mg of calcium whereas cheddar or Swiss can only supply an insufficient 200 mg per ounce.

Whit Parmesan cheese Healthy Food Images
Parmesan cheese

Whole grain pasta

One of the top healthy foods, pasta made from whole grain contains a high amount of Vitamin B that allows the conversion of foods into useful energy. It’s rich in fiber which helps to detoxify the body as well. If you can add whole grain pasta to your daily meal, you will not just enjoy a good skin but this low-carb diet would provide the nutrition and make you feel fuller even while consuming lesser calories than any other food in the same amount.