Seeking to lead a happy and healthy life? Well, who doesn’t want that? But our daily dose of stress and anxiety is keeping our happiness at bay. Your busy life keeps you preoccupied with a heavy workload and familial responsibilities yet the solution to have a sustainable life is indulging in self-care.

With relentless pressure, noise and distractions, it’s hard to maintain the health of mind and soul, but you need to restore and focus on it and little sessions of self-care activities would save you from further deterioration. With little things to do for self-care, you can enjoy inner peace and learn to move on with your life. Listed below are 25 Simple Self-Care Tips for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

25 Self-Care Tips

  1. Detangle your Daily Routine: Are you expecting too much from yourself? Are you involved in a relationship that’s of no value in our life? Find out which activities are of meager value to you and bid a farewell to them. Don’t carry the baggage of unwanted things, relations and people in life. De-clutter your life and that’s the best care for yourself.
  2. Take Part in Activities that Rejuvenate You: Indulging in some kind of physical activity be it swimming, running, cycling or anything you enjoy is the basic idea behind your well-being.
  3. An Elaborate, Warm Bath: This is one of the best ways to self-care and while you are doing this, read a good book or listen to a soothing number or anything that kills your depression.
  4. Make a list of people, be thankful: Write down all the people you are thankful for and what they mean to you. Showing gratitude and appreciating is a great stress buster.
  5. Meet a Professional: Be it your mentor, a psychologist or your philosopher; conveying your thoughts and discussing it, is a big part of self-care.
  6. Disconnect Yourself for a Day: Technology-fasting for a day would do you more good than bad and would bring about radical changes in your life.
  7. Help yourself with Stretching: Detect those tension spots in your body and go for a quick stretching. Exercise always leads to a happy mood.
  8. Learn New Things: Learning new skills is a great way of showing that you love and care for yourself.
  9. Meditate: A small session of deep breathing and focusing on the thoughts and feelings that arise in you is necessary for your mental health care. Be mindful and give yourself time.
  10. Shake your Body: Even though you may not have a liking for dance, shaking your body to your favorite tune is the perfect way to self-care.

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    Self-Care Tips
  11. Spend Time with Someone: Hang around with someone you have a good relation with is a great way to relax. If that’s not possible, telecommute.
  12. Be Calm: Look for a still place with scenic beauty and immerse in the serenity. Silence gives us answers which we look for.
  13. Create a Journal: This self-care journal should contain all that’s on your mind even if they are not worthy of sharing with your closest person.
  14. Rest and Rejuvenate: A full day resting, positive thinking and reading books and self-care quotes are a great way of showing your love and compassion towards you.
  15. Get rid of the trash: Be it your wardrobe or working area or email inbox, de-cluttering is the way to lead a life of contentment.
  16. Give in to an activity mindfully: Relishing the moment, experiencing the activity to the greatest possible extent is required for moving on and embrace the change coming.
  17. Walking alone is the medicine: A short walk during the dusk would let you explore the newness of a familiar place and consolidate your thoughts.
  18. Reflect on your unique ambition: Find out what you need to do to achieve them and how far you are from your mission.
  19. Have a habit: This could include anything be it flossing your teeth or wearing your favorite outfit on Mondays or biting a piece of chocolate on Sunday morning could be a way of taking care of yourself.
  20. Look at yourself, Intimately: Be naked before the mirror and look at every inch and care for your body without judging it, is important.
  21. Inhale something pleasurable: You will be filled with contentment and those hourly food cravings would be suppressed anyway.
  22. Laugh out loud: Read something funny or watch comedy shows and laugh your heart out is a necessity for self-care health.
  23. Stretch out your helping hand: Carry a heavy bag for someone, pick up something that’s fallen or do any other acts of kindness- it will make you feel good from within. Giving and spreading smiles is the best remedy to make your souls smile.
  24. Splurge some extra penny for yourself: Indulging in small luxuries and shopping has no harm but it’s a way to pamper yourself and feel good.
  25. Get some extra sleep: One of the best self-care ideas is to get enough sleep; sometimes an extra hour of sleep would relax your mind and de-stress you too.