“A Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body”, this is a quote a person has been listening from childhood. There was a conception of keeping the body fit and healthy by eating healthy food and balanced diet. But, with the advent of the modernization, people are moving towards gaining muscle mass and making their bodies muscular and built. Going to the gym and working out, taking protein diet and mass gainers are the latest trend.

During the past decade, men had an urge to look heavy by building their muscles, but now is the era of lean body and cut muscle. Lean muscle bodies have come into the picture mainly due to movies and TV shows. It is a treat to see a man with lean muscular body and streamlined waistlines. Let’s have a sight at how you can start preparing your body for Lean Muscle Growth and some tips on the best workout routine for lean muscle.

Best Tips and Workout for Lean Muscle

  • Perfect Blend of Cardio and Strength for Lean Muscle

    Maintaining a lean muscle body is not an easy task. It takes commitment, strength, and activity to make the body lean. The real meaning of the lean body is that there is no lose fat on the body and all the muscles are perfectly cut and shaped. Make a routine of cardio and strength because lower the fat turns out to higher muscle content. Go for cardio for three days a week along with strength training and then choose weight training for another three days.

  • Increase your Weight Training

    Every muscle of the body holds an equal importance when it comes to lean body. If you are already lean and low on fat, then you can directly shift to weight training. The best way to work on every muscle of the body is by allotting days. In gym work out terms, Saturday is known as Legs Day; similarly, you can allot rest of the days for triceps and biceps, shoulder and back, abs and chest.

    Workout for Lean Muscles
    Workout for Lean Muscles
  • Bring Variation in Exercises

    Working out regularly is not enough to make a body lean. For better results, try adding variations in every exercise. You can always add variety in the exercise and take a higher step. Stick to same repetition and similar exercises tend to decrease the endurance of the body. Another plus point of adding variation in exercises is that it stimulates the muscle growth and the body acts fast.

  • Focus on Big Lifts

    Compound movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts, overhead presses, push-ups and pull-ups use a lot of muscle and deliver a lot of mass building benefits efficiently. Going for compound exercises adds strength to the body, and eventually, you will be able to load more bars to the body. Adding more bars to the body trains the body, adds size to the body and also enhances the immunity.

  • Focus on Isolated Movements

    Every person has his goals and expectations. Some people are fond of biceps and triceps while some like heavy chest and largely built shoulders. If you want to have a lean body but a particular muscle in a particular size and shape then going for isolated movements is the best. Isolated movements like biceps curl and calf raises add volume to your program and bring up lagging body parts. Also, since you are focusing on isolated movements, the body will get more time and power to recover.

  • Don’t Miss out Recovery

    Exerting muscles to achieve lean body mass is important but over exerting the body and not giving proper time for recovery can lead to heavy injuries and muscle loss. After a high-end workout session, give your body ample time to recover, repair and grow. The body requires heavy and nutritious diet and consistent sleep of eight to nine hours for recovery. For all the gym freaks who cannot miss working out even a single day, it is advisable to work out once in a day and give the rest of the time to repair.

  • Supplements to Your Aid

    In this world where pollution and adulteration in food are rising, it is difficult to find food that is 100% nutritious. For a lean body mass, a healthy diet plays a vital role but who said a healthy diet is enough for the body? For good results, add protein shakes in your diet and some necessary supplements. Talk to a good dietician and get healthy, organic and quality supplements for fast growth.

    Protein and Supplements
    Protein and Supplements
  • Hire a Personal Trainer

    If you are aiming for a lean muscle body then hiring a personal trainer during a workout can do wonders. Sometimes the body is not efficient enough to handle heavy weights, but with the help of a personal trainer, you can easily lift heavy weights. Starting with the help of the trainer, the body gets habitual of heavy weights, and you can easily keep on increasing the weights. Also, once the personal trainer is hired, he makes sure that you work out regularly without any nuisance. The job of a personal trainer is to make the client work out with commitment and enthusiasm which another motivational factor.

    Workouts for Lean Muscles
    Workouts for Lean Muscles
  • Attitude is Everything

    Getting a lean muscle body is anybody’s cup of tea. But with sincere effort, consistency and positive attitude you can conquer every milestone. Every day wake up with a goal, set a routine and keep a positive attitude and work towards achieving. Remember life is very short to waste and be a laidback person. Instead, take charge of your life and get going with an amazing workout session to achieve your goal of a perfectly lean body.

To summarize, working out for the healthy, fit and lean body can be a fun thing, all you need is to keep moving ahead. Follow a proper routine of weight training along with a healthy diet prescribed by the dietician, and you are all set to achieve your goal. So, get ready to flaunt your sexy abs and beautiful muscles just by following a simple workout routine.