Depression is not just about feeling low; it is a serious ailment that makes you lose interest in your daily activities and slowly, in life itself. Depression can compel you to give way to despair and even make you feel about ending your life.It’s important to know the physical symptoms of mild depression so that they can be alleviated right at the start allowing you to enjoy life again. Stated below are different types of Depression commonly seen.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of different types of Depression before it’s too late

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Symptoms & Types of Depression

How does Depression Manifest Itself?

As you already know, the symptoms of depression would be hard to notice when they strike at first as they vary from one individual to another. Some of the most common early depression symptoms include feelings of emptiness and tearful almost every day and losing interest in activities you previously enjoyed doing. Below are different types of depression seen in men, women, teenagers.


Bipolar Depression

If mood swings are occurring more than normal, compelling you to ride the roller coaster that travels right from extreme joy to depression lows, you are being subjected to bipolar depression.

Atypical Depression

Depression often manifests itself in different forms among varying individuals which may include anything from inexplicable weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, and anger.

Depression in Women 

Untreated depression for a long time in both men and women can lead to further complications.

Psychotic Depression Symptoms

Also referred to as Major Depressive Disorder MDD, psychotic depression leads to agitation, insomnia, anxiety and even intellectual impairment.

Respiratory Depression 

If you are suffering from excessive sweating, seizures, high or low blood pressure and tremors, you are heading for a major depression.

Vitamin D Depression

Did you know that the lower your levels of Vitamin D, the more likely you are to suffer from depression?

Vitamin B Depression 

Low levels of Vitamin B-12 and B-6 can lead to signs of depression including fatigue, brain fog, and irritability.

These are some of the common types of depression and it is important to seek guidance from an expert who can help in coping with depression. Some of the most common causes of depression include excessive alcohol consumption, stress from work, worsening relationships and divorce, low feeling before and after pregnancy lead to physical symptoms of mild as well as severe depression.

If you are confused with whether your condition can be called bouts of depression or long-term depression symptoms, then you may go through the depression symptoms list and take up the depression symptoms quiz so that your medical treatments of depression are properly evaluated and you receive the treatment without any delay.