The secret of a happy and blissful life is the ability of an individual to let things go. To let go your negative experiences and the people who created them is what forgiveness is all about. Unless you forgive and forget, you can never live your present in peace. Forgiveness is a journey from the past to freedom. It can be transformational and complex and cannot be commanded. You need to be patient and be ready to unfold forgiveness because it makes your free, liberalizes you. There are times when we think that the journey is complete, but know that you have reached your destination when your heart is occupied by love and gratitude only. When you are able to see your opportunity for personal growth out of a negative past experience, know that you are free.

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Power of Forgiveness

Someone rightly defined forgiveness as “relinquishing your right to hurt back”. Whenever someone sins against us, we are posed with an option to respond in accordance with the values of the world or of the god. If we ourselves are free from all sins and have no need of god’s mercy, only then we can get away with not forgiving others. Refusal to forgive others means refusing gods offer of forgiving your own sins. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Refusal to forgive and forget not only harms us spiritually and emotionally but is also harmful psychologically. However, the most important negative consequence of an unforgiving heart is it alienates us from God’s peace.

Revenge reduces you to your worst self, puts you on the same level as those spiteful people. We must resist ourselves from this predictable lust for revenge. It doesn’t make us a pushback; rather it means you refuse to act in that tediously destructive way. It is difficult, very difficult to let people go after what they did to you. But for the sake of your own soul, let karma do the justice. Believe that sooner or later, what goes around comes around. Let God do his part of justice and you do the best you can do to yourself. Don’t let your heart and soul be dominated by the negativities. Know that the best revenge is your happiness and success.

Forgiveness is a Paradigm

shifting solution for transforming anger. It liberates your heart from the trap of endless revenge and helps you walk on the path of freedom. Forgiveness might not dissolve your anger, but it will help you know that you are so much more. If you don’t forgive, you dwell in the past and hence won’t be able to focus on your future goals. It is a blockage that prevents you from knowing and understanding who you are and what you want to be. At times, our negative experiences overpower our thoughts, consciously and subconsciously. This hinders creative and sensible thinking. Blaming others prevents us from taking responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and lives.

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Forgiveness Quotes

Benefits of Forgiving

Better Relationships

when forgive and forget we don’t carry bitter roots of our past to the present. It makes our present relations better. It becomes easier to trust others, rely on them and love them.

The Capacity of Intimacy

 When we open ourselves, liberalize our heart; it becomes easier to connect to the hearts of other people.

 Bitterness is a Jail

 If we forgive, we free our heart from the prison of fear, guilt, and pretending. We can be vulnerable in relationships.

Joy, Happiness, and Contentment

When we forgive, we are able to have a better outlook and contentment in our life. The more you love; you are reciprocated by much more love.

Inner Growth

 Forgiveness is the condition for inner growth and healing. Inner healing leads your transformation and growth.

Knowing all the benefits of forgiveness, there are very few hearts that forgive. To forgive others is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Because when you forgive no one is more benefited than you yourself. You are blessed with freedom: freedom of heart and soul. To let go of the past and live in the present you have to choose to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t happen on its own. So, get the frustration, focus on what’s in it for you, breathe in calm, and turn the page of your story.