Is depression merely about feeling low and mentally unwell?

You must have stumbled upon this common concern, what is depression? On a preliminary level, depression is more than an imaginary feeling of sadness and grief; it has roots that go deeper within our being and hampers the chemical balances in our brain. Causes of the depressed mood can also attribute to genetics, administering of certain depressant drugs, hormonal alterations or imbalances, stress and grief arising from devastating situations in life.

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Facts and figures on depression:

If you have never been depressed, you would definitely be curious to know what depression feels like and what is depressed. Depression is one of the most common disabling ailments across the world which has currently affected 2 in every 10 women while 1 in every 10 men as suggested by the recent reports of World Health Organisation. It is a serious ordeal that manifests itself keeping in sync with the precipitating changes leading to some of the most significant signs and symptoms. The same report also reveals that 12 percent of men along with 21 percent of women are likely to suffer major or chronic depression at some points in their lives.

Understanding the Forms of Depression

An answer to what can depression lead to would make you contemplate whether you know someone showing many or one sign of depression. There are different types of depression with different types of signs and outcomes. Understanding depression and spreading the awareness from the start is critical to over come the grief, sorrow, discouragement, dejection and even thoughts of death or suicide.

The signs of depression are hard to detect initially as they vary to a great extent and you may confuse it with a lowly feeling or some other health issues. Depression and health are interrelated and it is an umbrella term covering a wide array of variants such as child depression, teen depression, bipolar depression, antenatal and postnatal depression, psychotic depression, melancholia and Major Depressive disorders or MDD.

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Types of Depression

Strive to Help Yourself:

Some people are embarrassed to discuss about depression topics and seek help from mental health forums. You can also go through several articles about depression available online and convey your feelings to an expert who can offer treatment and reduce the risks associated with your depressed mood. Remember that you are only one who can combat the low spirits that disrupts your daily life by seeking depression help from an expert before the little symptoms take the form of major, chronic or severe depression.

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