Best Baby Carrier for Newborn [Reviews]

Best Baby Carrier for Newborn [Reviews]

Most parents advocate that baby carrier are a lifesaver for newborns, so you really can’t go wrong adding one to your must-buy list. Wearing your baby is becoming increasingly popular, and there are tons of original baby carriers entering the market every year.

Baby carriers mainly come in 5 styles!

  • Soft Structured Carriers: More like a backpack with straps over the shoulder and a padded carrying “pack” that can be placed on your chest or back.
  • Ring Slings and Pouches: Ring slings are pieces of cloth with two rings sewn at one end. Slings are a wide piece of fabric that goes over one shoulder and across your torso. Pouches are also worn over one shoulder. They are made of one folded length of material that forms a pocket for the baby and is worn over the body like a sash.
  • Wraps: A super-long piece of stretchy fabric you configure and tie around your body, usually over your shoulders and around your midsection, to create a carrier.
  • A Mei Tai carrier: This minimalist baby carrier does away with buckles for straps that tie off for a personalized fit every time.
  • Frame Carriers: This type of baby carrier provides back support when you’re babywearing for long periods, for instance, hiking. These are recommended for older babies who can sit up and have good head and neck control.

**Important Tips for Parents: In any baby carrier, the baby should sit with her/his legs in an “M” shape. Legs wide, knees bent and slightly above her waist. That’s the proper position for baby’s hip and back health.

To help make an informed decision, we took 10 popular baby carriers for newborns, some having been around for over a decade (like the BabyBjorn and ERGO) and some being relative newcomers to the market (like the Mother Nest and Tula), and put them to the test to find this year’s best newborn baby carriers. Let’s scroll down and have a look at the specifications, benefits, pros & cons and reviews for you to buy the most comfortable one for your child

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Top 10 Newborn Baby Carrier for Parents 

1. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier for Newborns (Stretch Cotton)

This is an amazing baby carrier! If you are looking for the closeness of a wrap without the hassle of figuring out a complicated wrap. This Baby K’tan is super easy to use, very comfortable and a great way to hold my baby while walking around and doing other things. I highly recommend it!

Enjoy going hands-free, hassle-free, buckle-free babywearing anytime, anywhere! You can switch between five different positions without removing the carrier. Nurse discreetly, bond through skin-to-skin care modestly, machine washable, dryer safe and Hip Healthy approved. A great one to keep your baby close to you and snuggle and keep them secured.

The benefits of taking a K’tan is that it comes in sizes ranging from 0-24. So you can get a good fit for your body. But the downside is that you can’t share it with a caregiver that isn’t your size.

Highlights of K’tan Baby Carrier

  • Item Weight: 1 Pound
  • Dimensions: 8 x 3.5 x 8.6 inches
  • For Infants8-35 pounds
  • Breathable Cotton Texture
  • Available in 5 colors ~Black, Eggplant, Denim, Gray
  • Available in 6 Sizes ~ XXS, XS, S, Medium, Large, XL
  • Adjustable, Easy to Clean, Convenient

How to Use Baby K’Tan Carrier for Newborn Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

K’tan Newborn Baby Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Newborn Baby Carrier
Newborn Baby Carrier

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2. Infantino Newborn Baby Carrier (Flip 4-in-1 Convertible)

If you are looking for a multi-functional, comfortable and easy to go baby carrier for your newborn, then this is one of the best carriers for moms. One of the best selling carriers for newborn babies! This carrier comes in grey color and is a unisex one, making it easy for both moms and dads to carry newborns & toddlers.

Along with it multiple carrying options and grow with the baby flexibility this convertible wonder offers an ergonomic seat for optimal baby hip positioning, a super supportive waist belt and adjustable padded straps for long-term wearability. This also includes the clever wonder cover 2 in 1 bib to protect your carrier and clothes.

Highlights of Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier

  • Item Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches
  • For Infants8-32 pounds
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable seat, leg openings, straps and waist belt for a completely customized fit

You can carry this baby carrier in four ways:

  • Facing in the narrow seat for newborns
  • Facing in the Wide seat for older babies
  • Facing out a narrow seat for babies with head control
  • Back carry wide seat for older babies and toddlers.

How to Use Infantino Baby Carrier Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

Infantino Newborn Baby Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Baby Carrier for Newborn
Baby Carrier for Newborn

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3. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergobaby’s Award-Winning 360 All Carry Positions Ergonomic Baby Carrier offers you and your baby the ultimate in comfort and flexibility while wearing your baby in any carry position. Babyhood for sun protection and privacy. Provides tailored support for baby’s head while sleeping, privacy while nursing.

Highly recommended when you are traveling or on the go, makes you go hands-free and available for other chores.

Highlights of Ergo All Position Carry Baby Carrier

  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 0.2 inches
  • For Infants: 7-33 pounds
  • Four Position 360 Carrier (Front-outward, Front-inward, Hip and Back carry)
  • Strong, Durable, Adjustable Long Lasting Carrier

How to Use ErgoBaby Carrier Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

ErgoBaby 360 All Carry Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Baby Carriers for Newborn
Baby Carriers for Newborn

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4. Ergo Baby Carrier, Baby Slings, and Wraps for Infants and Newborn

The Ergo baby wraps are made from a proprietary blend of French Terry Cotton and Spandex.

It has just enough stretch to keep you and your baby safe, snug, and comfortable.

You can happily cuddle & snuggle all day long, bonding with your baby like a mama or papa Kangaroo.

Highlights of Ergo Baby Carrier/Sling

  • Item Weight: 1.28 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 177.2 x 19.7 inches
  • For Infants: 2-35 pounds
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 5 colors, black, grey, red, pink and stripes!

You can use his baby carrier in four ways:

  • Sling Carrier
  • Nursing Cover
  • Heat Regulating
  • Postpartum Belt

How to Use Ergo Baby Carrier with Newborns Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

Ergo Newborn Baby Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Ergo Baby Carrier Newborn
Ergo Baby Carrier Newborn

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5. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Black/Pinstripe, Cotton

This baby carrier is designed and developed with pediatricians to give the proper support for baby’s head, neck, spine, and hips. It is small, safe and easy to use – fits perfectly and securely with only a few adjustments!

BabyBjorn Carrier Original is a JPMA Certified Product. These safe and ergonomic carriers are designed to give proper support to growing babies. Most suitable for newborn – no infant insert needed. A few buckles and some simple adjustments allow you to carry your baby comfortably and securely. Suitable from birth to approximately 12 months.

Highlights of BabyBjorn Carrier

  • Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.7 x 10.4 x 3.4 inches
  • For Infants: 8-25 pounds
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 6 colors, black, grey, dark blue, stripes!

How to Use BabyBjorn Carrier Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

BabyBjorn Newborn Baby Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Best Baby Carrier for Newborn
Best Baby Carrier for Newborn

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6. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier for Newborns & Toddlers

Moby Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders. A great wrap for newborns which uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners.

The Original MOBY Wrap

“A parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability. The MOBY Wrap is made from soft, stretchable and durable fabric that evenly distributes the weight of carrying baby across the back and hips.”

Highlights of Moby Wrap in Black Carrier

  • Item Weight: 1.85Pounds
  • Dimensions: 217 x 24 x 0.8 inches
  • For Infants: 5-35 pounds
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 23 colors & designs! (Please check product dimensions and size for each design on Amazon)

Learn How to Use Moby Wrap Carrier Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

Moby Wrap Newborn Baby Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Newborn Baby Carriers
Newborn Baby Carriers

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7. Boba Baby Wrap for Newborns

Boba’s award-winning Wrap that is the “Nile Green” now offered with over 60% bamboo fiber making it soft, strong and stretchy! You’ll love Nile Green in your Spring wardrobe!

Highlights of Boba Baby Boho Wrap

  • Item Weight: 1.98Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 6 x 5.9 inches
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 14 colors & 5 wrap designs! (Please check product dimensions and size for each design on Amazon)

Learn How to Tie Boba Baby Wrap Instructions ~ Video Tutorial Here

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier Reviews ~ Reviews 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4

Baby Carrier Newborn
Baby Carrier Newborn

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Common FAQ for Newborn Baby Carriers which Parent often Worry About!

Q. What is the Best Baby Carrier for Newborns?

To help you with your dilemma, we have compiled a detailed list to guide you! Please refer the list mentioned above and buy the best one suitable for your child!

Q. How to use a Baby Carrier for Newborn?

There are different kinds of baby carriers, like slings, structured carriers, wraps and more. Under each category, we have posted a video tutorial, which gives you detailed insight on how to use a baby carrier of different kinds. Hope it helps!

Q. Are Baby Carriers Safe for Newborns?

Yes, there’s no question about it, a baby carrier is one of the most comfortable and secure ways of carrying your child around and keep them close to you! Just take it the right way!

Q: What are Benefits of Baby Wearing?

Babywearing (or baby carrying) is the practice of carrying your baby or toddler in a carrier. The obvious benefit of babywearing is convenience. If a baby is in a carrier you can accomplish daily chores while knowing the baby is safe and happy. Also, wearing a baby can allow you to go places strollers can’t ( hiking, stairs, etc.).

Q. Are BabyBjornn Carriers Safe for Newborns

Yes, Absolutely. Please select the right size as per the age of your child.

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