20 Top Health Benefits of Black Tea

Tea is an integral part of our lives be it the first thing to be sipped in the morning to a hot cup of tea after a long day of work, it refreshes and rejuvenates our mind and body. It is the most widely consumed beverage with 158 million people drinking tea each day in America alone.

People usually have tea with milk and sugar and some prefer it without milk. Such tea originated in China where it is more appropriately called Hong Cha meaning red tea. During the Ming Dynasty around the year, 1590 first black tea known as Lapsang Souchong was produced around Wuyi Mountain in Fujian province.

What is Black Tea

As revealed by the Tea Association of the USA, the country consumed a whopping 3.8 billion gallons of tea in 2016, of which more than 80 percent was black tea. Black tea is considered ‘true tea’ made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. What makes it different from other teas like green tea, white tea, oolong is the way the leaves of the plant is processed.

Black tea is preferred because of its bold flavors, distinct taste, and color which comes from the oxidation stage of leave processing which lasts two to four hours resulting in the formation of two new flavonoids called theaflavins and thearubigins.

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Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

Black Tea and Nutritional Value

Black tea has great nutritional contents. It is low in calorie and has minimal sodium, protein, and carbohydrates. An unsweetened cup of black tea contains only 2 calories. It is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols and catechins. Just like other teas, black tea also contains caffeine.

The level of caffeine in the black tea depends on several factors like brewing time, water temperature and amount of tea leaves used in the blend. Usually, there are 14 to 61 milligrams of caffeine in an 8-ounce serving of unsweetened black tea.

Varieties of Black Tea

There are several types of black tea of which ten most popular are

  • Darjeeling Black Tea
  • Keemun Black Tea
  • Assam Black Tea
  • Yunnan Black Tea
  • Ceylon Black Tea
  • Earl Grey Black Tea
  • Nilgiri Black Tea
  • Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea
  • Lapsang Souchong Black Tea
  • Taiwanese Black Tea

Black tea is also known as Chai in India. Black tea can be consumed with milk and sugar or with pure lemon juice or extracts of ginger.

Top 20 Health Benefits of Black Tea

Benefits of black tea are numerable. Right from helping in weight loss, keeping the heart happy till making one look good this drink has all the properties to take care of the overall health condition of the drinker. The most significant benefits of the drink are enumerated here.

1. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Black tea is a good protector of heart health. It helps repair the coronary artery dysfunctions in heart patients, reverses the irregular functioning of blood vessels, prevents strokes, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular conditions. Black tea is good for lowering cholesterol levels. People drinking one-two cups of black tea every day face the lesser risk of heart problems than those who drink a minimal amount of tea or no tea at all.

Benefits of Black Tea

2. Anti-Cancer

The theaflavins present in black tea has the capacity to prevent cancers in the breast, ovary, stomach, and skin.

3. Protects the Kidney

It has been found that black tea prevents the formation of kidney stones. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using it for the said purpose.

4. Ensures Weight Loss

Consumption of black tea along with changed lifestyle assists in weight loss. Black tea lowers the triglyceride levels in blood and helps shed visceral fats. It prevents inflammation-induced obesity as well.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

5. Helpful for Diabetic Patients

Prolonged intake of black tea can reduce the levels of fasting blood glucose and reduces rates of type 2 diabetes. Polyphenols the major bioactive compounds in black tea lowers glycemic index.

Advantages of Black Tea

6. Boosts Immunity

Black tea strengthens the immune system of the body. The antioxidants present in black tea is a great protector of DNA damage by free radical scavenging activity.

What are Benefits of Black Tea

7. Source of Energy

Caffeine in the black tea acts as an energy booster by enhancing the flow of blood in the brain. It also stimulates metabolism and energizes the body.

8. Releases Stress

Black tea is great for stress busting. By stimulating the metabolism, increasing blood flow to the brain it helps encounter stress and relaxes body and mind. It also lowers the release of stress hormone cortisol and normalizes its level. The amino acid, l-theanine found in black tea reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

9. Heals Diarrhoea

Owing to the tannin present in black tea, it is a great healer of intestinal disorder.

10. Improves Digestion

Tannin also exerts a relaxing and positive effect on digestion by making the digestive system stronger. It is highly anti-inflammatory and helps fight stomach ulcers. Having black tea with a dash of lemon help to keep stomach healthy.

Health Benefits of Black Teas

11. Anti-Bacterial Properties

Another advantage of black tea is that it has anti-bacterial properties. Research revealed that black tea lowers the risk of Helicobacter pylori infection. It can also be used as a home remedy for problems like sweaty and smelly feet, sooth the razor bumps, rashes, redness, and itchiness.

12. Good for Asthma

To get relieved in an asthma condition, a hot cup of black tea is very effective. It expands the air passage allowing them to breathe more easily.

13. Good for Oral Health

The antimicrobial effect of black tea can be used to maintain good oral health. It prevents inflammation, cavity, and growth of bacteria in the mouth.

14. Increases Bone Density

Elderly women can benefit from the consumption of black tea as it lowers the risk of bone fracture due to the flavonoids present in it.

15. Great for Skin

The antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties of black tea make it suitable to be a part of one’s skincare routine. If applied over face, it adds moisture and glow to the skin, and hydrates dry skin. It is a natural astringent with tightens the pores in the skin and makes it tight. Black tea is very useful for reducing dark spots or blemishes in the skin.

Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

16. Beneficial for Haircare

Application of black tea reduces hair loss as the caffeine present in it blocks the DHT hormone responsible for hair loss. It can be used as a conditioner to soften the hair. It also prevents the shedding of hair, stimulates hair growth and adds a nice tint to the hair which helps to cover the grey hairs.

This saves you from using harmful chemical dyes. It used with pure lemon juice, the black tea rinse also helps prevent dandruff.

17. Protects from UV Rays

The polyphenols of black tea have a photoprotective effect which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays.

18. Treats Puffiness of Eyes

To heal the tired and weary eyes, use a chilled bag of herbal black tea and put it on the eyelids. This is the most effective remedy for soothing the tiredness of eyes.

19. Keeps Mind Alert

Caffeine in black tea is used to improve the alertness and enhance performance.

20. Increases Happiness

Black tea consumption uplifts the mood and makes one feel fresh, active and happy.

Benefits of Black Teas

The organic properties of black tea are essential for maintaining a good health and a refreshed mind. When used regularly its benefits result in long lustrous hair, a glowing skin and a fit and agile body.

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