Easy Steps to make Long-lasting Temporary Tattoos at Home

Temporary tattoos or fake body stickers, are in rage these days and are applied as ink transfers on the skin with the help of water.

Temporary tattoos are convenient and inexpensive ways for people to sport a tattoo design of their choice without the permanence of a real one.

They do not last forever, and usually last for 2-3 days or a week, but if you use high quality fake tattoos and follow some hacks, you can surely extend their duration on your skin.

Fake tattoos were originally introduced as kids accessories for fun, but with the array of cool designs even adults wear upscale designs to make a fashion statements.

There are various ways of making a temporary tattoo on your skin using an eyeliner, sharpies, stickers, henna, airbrush tattoos, printer and more. You can make them at home or buy temporary tattoo stickers.

We have some quick tips and do’s and don’ts for you to make your temporary tattoos to stay longer on skin.

How to Make Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

Ways to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

Do’s Prior to Application of the Fake Tattoo

1. Choose the Tattoos Spot

When getting a temporary tattoo, you must first choose an appropriate spot to get inked. Hands and legs are in constant motion, where the regular fiction can cause the fake tattoo to quickly fade away. Areas which come in regular contact of soap, water and sweat should be avoided.

For example, putting the tattoo behind the ears, or at the back of the neck will comparatively last longer than a tattoo made on your wrist.

Quick Tip: Henna tattoos don’t fade easily with water and last longer when made on hands or legs.

2. Clean the Area before Applying the Tattoo

Clean the skin using warm water, a loofah or scrubber to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead cells. Clean and pat dry the skin where you intend to have the tattoo.

The oil and dirt of the skin make it difficult for the fake tattoos to stick through and stay for a long duration.

So cleaning the area right before getting the tattoo will make the skin smooth and hence the tattoo shall stay longer.

3. Shave the Skin Before Applying the Tattoo

Shave the skin where you intend to get inked.  Shaving before getting the tattoo would ensure that you go longer and increase the life of the tattoo.

Do’s After Applying the Temporary Tattoo

4. Apply the Fake Tattoo as Directed (Manufacturer’s Guide)

  • Dry the skin thoroughly after cleaning it.
  • Apply the tattoo according to its manufacturer’s directions.
  • Let it dry and the surround area by gently pressing a soft towel against it to get rid of any extra ink.
  • Do not rub the area, as rubbing against the tattoo may damage it.
  • You can cover the tattoo with a petroleum jelly or vaseline to seal it and protect it from water.

5. Use Talcum or Baby Powder

Using a soft makeup brush apply the baby powder or talc on the tattoo as it will absorb the excess oil from the skin, and will increase the life of the tattoo.

6. Apply Hair Spray

Apply hairspray from a distance of 12-15 inches over the tattoo and this may last for over a month. Make sure you put baby powder before hairspray.

7. Liquid Band-Aid

Spray liquid band-aid on your homemade sharpie tattoo as this will increase the longevity of the tattoo.

Don’ts ~ Things to be Avoided to Increase Duration of Temporary Tattoo

  • Try to avoid direct contact of water, soap, etc on the tattoo to make it long lasting.
  • Do not rub or scrub the fake tattoo after its application. This will make it lighter.
  • Do not use warm or hot water on the tattoo. This will reduce the life of the tattoo and it will tend to fade away quickly.
  • Don’t cover the tattoo area with tight fitted clothes, as the fiction will decrease its longevity.
  • Avoid the application of cosmetic lotions such as sunscreens, rubbing alcohol, oils and sanitizers on or around the spot of the tattoo.
  • Do not get the tattoos on your sweat spots like underarms, the back of the knees as these areas generate more heat and sweat than other parts of your body.

Follow these simple steps to prolong your tattoo’s life and keep your design looking fresh and bright.

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