How to Tie a Sarong in Different Ways for a Chic Look

Wrap a Sarong in different ways to cover up your short bikini suits and make the attire perfect fit dress for the beach.

The multi-utility sarong or pareo can be used for numerous purposes to resemble a dress from halter neck to backless styles to sport a perfect beach look this summers.

This versatile garment can be wrapped around the body in different ways and secured with tucks, knots, or buckles.

To make the best outfit out of your sarong, following the underneath instructions will help to understand how to wrap a sarong in a variety of ways to give a unique look.

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10 Easy Ways: How To Wear A Sarong

1. Classic Halter Neck Dress Style

It is one of the easiest ways to glam up your beach look. You can chose a long or short sarong style for this pattern. A great ensemble look for strapless bikinis and monokinis.

Instructions to Wrap a Sarong Halter Dress

  • Hold the two long ends of the sarong in a horizontal position behind the back.
  • Bring it to the front side from under your armpits.
  • Pull the right corner to the left and the left corner to the right side.
  • Take them at the back of your neck and tie.
  • Video Tutorial: “How to Tie a Sarong into Halter Dress

How to Tie a Sarong in Halter Neck Dress

2. Side Knot /Mini Skirt

Short skirt style or the side knot pattern, whatever you call it is the most common way of tying a sarong and is quite easy too.

Instructions to Tie Sarong in Short Skirt

  • Fold the Sarong in two equal halves. You can fold it diagonally or choose a mini sarong.
  • Wrap it around your waist that will form a triangular shape and tie a knot sideways.
  • For better support, a coconut buckle can be attached to the knot.
  • Video tutorial: “Steps to Tie a Sarong into a Short Skirt

If you don’t have a sarong, then you can use a big scarf too. A Hawaiian Sarong will look great if attending a beach party.

How to Tie a Sarong

 3. Twisted Halter Neck Style

  • The Sarong must be held in horizontal position at the back side keeping both the edges well gripped in your arms.
  • Bring the two edges in the front portion making it pass beneath the arm.
  • The corners have to be twisted to form the overlapping and tie either behind your neck (Before tying you can twist it completely till they look like noodle strap)
  • Alternatively, it can be made in the front side to make the appearance bandeau style.

4. Long Wrap Sarong Skirt

  • A full-length sarong can be used to drape the hip in a horizontal position.
  • The loose ends must be brought under the waist to tie the knot making the room for the slit on one of the sides.
  • The particular knot can also be made in the frontal portion, leaving a slit just below it resembling a skirt-like appearance.
Tying a Sarong
Tying a Sarong

5. Kimono Cardigan Style

Kimonos and capes patterns are trending, so let’s add this to your beach wardrobe too with the help of your sarong. It takes less than a minute for styling it in a cool way all  by yourself.

  • Spread the sarong around your body like a shawl.
  • The loose portion must be tied around the arms making the appearance similar to a full sleeve outfit.
  • The rest of the clothing has to be left as it is to make the scarf portray the Kimono style.

How to Tie Sarong

6. Backless Top

  • Fold a mini or full-length sarong in equal halves.
  • Place in a vertical position from the torso, two edges at the end and two on the upper portion appear.
  • The top edges have to be tied around the neckline.
  • Wrap the remaining two corners encompassing the waist above the hip.

7. Harem Jumpsuit/Romper Style

  • Grasp a sarong and keep it in a vertical position aligned to your body.
  • Take the two upper corner and tie a double knot, passing it through from front to back, under your arms, covering your torso.
  • Clutch the remaining bottom part of your sarong and pull it back through the legs.
  • Grab the two back corners and wrap around to the front of the waist, secure with a double knot.
  • Click here for the video tutorial.

How to Tie a Sarong Dress

8. Over One Shoulder Toga Style

  • The torso of an individual along with the pelvic area has to be covered up in the horizontal position with a long sarong selecting particularly one of the sides.
  • The other side of that cloth has to be brought from the back.
  • The remaining portion has to be tied with the other end on one of your preferred shoulder to make a perfect Toga Styling.

9. Dressing Gown

  • Place the sarong in the parallel position at your back.
  • Gently bring the material from your backside to the frontal area through the area under your arm.
  • Both the tips of the clothing have to be tied to a form a knot and placed to the back portion over the head.

How to Wrap a Sarong

10. Shirt Style

At first, you need to decide the preferred length of the clothing and fold it according to the width of the particular sarong.

Now, you have to pull the cloth across the above portion of the backside, holding the edges towards the body.

The corners need to be tied like a knot at the middle of the chest and the rest has to be hung from the back side. A separate sling has to tie on the back of the neckline to leave a tail like hanging structure behind.

Sarongs are available in various colors and designs which include cute, floral, check to print, Hawaiian fashioned and many others to make a number of outfit out of it. It can be a perfect summer fashion outfit that can fit and make any size cool and attractive.


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