What is Transcendental Meditation | Mantras, Benefits & Reviews

Transcendental Meditation is very much in vogue in recent times and has attained popularity across the globe among the religious as well as the non-religious.

Its practitioners do not have to believe and conform to a specific religious system in order to practice its techniques.  It is a form of meditation that allows your mind to slowly settle down and relax.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

It was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who was the first to introduce this technique, which finds its roots in Vedic India, to the rest of the world in the 1960’s. Formerly known as Transcendental Deep Meditation, it was from his master, Brahmananda Saraswati that the Maharishi learned this technique.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Transcendental Meditation
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Transcendental Meditation

It garnered more attention because several celebrities like the Beatles began to practice meditation from the West. It spawned an entire Transcendental Meditation movement that has led to the formation of various programs like the David Lynch Foundation and organizations that are connected with spreading awareness of this technique.

It is basically a unique, simple, natural and scientific technique which is used to promote a relaxed state of awareness.

The reason behind the coinage of the term is that while using this technique, one ‘transcends’ ordinary thinking and thoughts and rises above it to attain a pure state of mental consciousness where the person achieves a sense of pure peace and stillness.

This is achieved by the use of mantras. This method is very user-friendly and can be picked up even by beginners.

The theoretical basis of Transcendental Meditation (TM) is referred to as the Science of Creative Intelligence, which is based on Vedanta philosophy.

It has been known to help cure several lifestyle issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, chronic pain, only when practiced regularly.

However, it is to be noted that meditation doesn’t singularly act as a healing cure or a single treatment for a disease, but only aids a person’s quality of life. It helps to increase immunity and alleviate stress.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation(TM)

  • It is tremendously helpful in dealing with daily stress and anxiety, by aiding a positive bent of mind. TM helps to decrease cortisol levels by almost 30% according to studies.
  • Leads to the strengthening of the heart and its functioning. A 48% reduction in heart attacks, strokes, and death has been noted in those that practice TM in comparison to those that don’t.
  • It works wonders on the psychology of the brain by positively stimulating the brain chemicals like serotonin and increasing overall happiness and feelings of well-being, leaving you feeling vitalized
  • Stimulates efficient brain activity and clarity that helps to unleash your full potential because of the restful state of mind it achieves during mediation. Think more productive and creative days ahead.
  • It’ll help you have good night’s sleep not only on some days but every day as it puts your mind and body in a deep state of rest.
  • Results in a Calm & Relaxed state of mind.

How to Do Transcendental Meditation

This form of meditation requires personalized assistance from a certified teacher who can explain the course of action in seven steps.

There is first an introductory lecture that is given, along with an initiation ceremony. In this ceremony, the user often makes monetary and other kinds of offerings such as fresh fruit, flowers, etc. After this ceremony, a person then receives their unique mantra which is to be kept secret.

Following this initiation ceremony, there are three subsequent sessions in which the participant meditates under the observation of the teacher. In these sessions, the teacher explains the process in further, minute detail, explains the benefits of TM, and offers any corrections if needed.

After this training, the participant is to then meditate independently by sitting in two sessions of 15-20 minutes each in a day up to an indefinite time period. The two sessions are usually done one right before breakfast and the other in the afternoon before dinner.

Step-by-Step Guide To How to do Transcendental Meditation

How to do Transcendental Meditation
How to do Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

How Mantras Work 

They form such a critical part of learning the entire meditation process and that brings so much power and calmness to the individual. A mantra is basically a short phrase or word that is to be repeated again and again, to a point where the user manages to cut off all unnecessary thought and achieve a deep level of mental consciousness. The process doesn’t require special focus or concentration.

Even for those that suffer from ADHD and PTSD, TM is very simplistic One has to breathe taking slow, steady breaths and put all attention on uttering the given mantra. Make sure you are seated in a comfortable position in a room that is quiet and breezy.

You could literally even sit on the couch and meditate- it’s that effortless and easy. The mantra needn’t be repeated over and over again; merely thinking about it is enough. All other thoughts can come and go effortlessly since they too are a part of the TM technique. You can check out yoga retreat in Rishikesh to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Selecting the Right Mantra to Work

The mantras are usually associated with certain Indian deities such as Krishna. They are often chosen on the basis of factors such as age, sex, occupation, temperament by the certified teacher, with each being uniquely chosen by him/her.

There are basically six core sounds that are used as mantras in TM: e, ai, shiri, hiri, kiri, and sham. These are then combined with the only five possible endings: m, n, ng, nga, and ma. This combination of root sounds and endings is unique and gives rise to the 16 mantras of TM which are then assigned according to one’s age.

Beginners and experts alike, the practice of TM can be mastered quickly and easily, where its positive benefits are seen from the very first introductory session itself. It is an evidence-based technique that has seen several experimental studies and research work being conducted on it.

It has helped thousands across the globe to lead a better quality of life that is more balanced and stable and remains to date one of the most widely practiced and widely researched meditation techniques out there.

In fact, it has been incorporated into a number of social and educational programs around the world.

Transcendental Meditation Reviews

Dr. Ginni Mansberg said, “There’s never been a reported case in medical literature ever of an adverse effect of TM”.

Hugh Jackman says the technique has “literally changed my life,”

David Lynch believes, “TM is, in a word, life-changing for the good.”

Jerry Seinfeld’s been doing it for more than 40 years and he thinks that a life without TM is “just a dumb way to live”.

Katy Perry, the singer says TM has changed her life.

Oprah loves it so much that she even paid for all of her staff to learn it

“People who used to have migraines don’t, people are sleeping better, people have better relationships, people interact with other people better,” said the TV queen about the changes she noticed among her employees after practicing TM.

Transcendental Meditation Review
Transcendental Meditation Review

Useful Websites On Transcendental Meditation

There is a lot of literature available both in the form of books, both physical as well as in the form of PDF’s available online. The Transcendental Meditation Organization run their own official Youtube Channel, helping to disseminate information far and wide for free and to guide its practitioners.

Official Website of Transcendental Meditation, TM Organization

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