8 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes Makeup

8 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes Makeup

You are lucky if you have got those glaring brown eyes, as almost all shades of eyeshadows work well with them.

Choose the right tint of eye shadow for your brown eyes to add a new dimension to your eyes. Play with different shades and reflect your true colors.

Without any ado let’s get started with knowing about the best eyeshadow for brown eyes and some makeup tips to make your eyes pop out.

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8 Eyeshadow Palettes for Your Brown Eyes

Following are the best eyeshadow colors to give the perfect definition to your alluring Brown Eyes;

1. Gold Eyeshadow

The golden shade helps in rejuvenating the look of the eyes. This is the best tone you can use in making the eyes appear clean and attractive. Applying the shade will just add up an all new dimension to the eyes.

It is a great option showcasing shimmering effects. Gold well matches the various skin tones. It even acts best in enhancing the natural appeal of the eyes.

This color is the best recommendation for party purpose. You can give your eyes a smokey look with gold and black combination.

Golden and black are an ideal blend of dark and light shades which will brighten your eyes giving you an oomph factor.

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What Color Eyeshadow for Dark Brown Eyes
What Color Eyeshadow for Dark Brown Eyes

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2. Gray Eyeshadow

Get that perfect chick look for every day with the gray eyeshadow. This color counts in the no makeup look. This fancy yet classy look everybody can carry beautifully.

It is a neutral color that can go for every complexion from fair to dark. If you are looking for a dark yet subtle shade, grey is your color. Ideal for everyday makeup and office-wear.

Again, here’s a tip for you to combine this look with some mascara and silver eyeliner to give it a party look.

You can easily transform this shade to a party shade by adding black and silver smokey effect for a killer look.

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3. Green Eyeshadow

We can’t forget the color in trend, which will compliment your classy brown eyes. You will look fresher than any time.

Combine this look with a hot red lipstick to complete it in all ways. So yes, you go girl for any day party with this eyeshadow for brown eyes.

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You can experiment with various shades of green from olive green to deep green shades.

The deeper shades make you look beautiful and give you an enchanting look.

You can use the matt shades during the day time and go in for the shimmer ones for the night parties.

Eyeshadow for Dark Brown Eyes

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What Color Eyeshadow is Best for Brown Eyes

4. Red touch for the brown eyes

Nothing suits better to any fair skin than this amazing red eyeshadow to compliment your brown eyes.

Your face automatically starts shining and blushing with this amazing combination of red and black eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Use a reddish shade for the transition in the crease and slightly into the brow bone.

What are you waiting for getting on your red dress apply some red eyeshadow and rock the party?

Another tip here is to apply some extra mascara and false lashes to complete the look.

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5. Silver Sheen Eyeshadow

All you need for a party is a shiny dress on with a shiny shadow complimenting your beautiful brown eyes.

There is nothing better than shiny silver sparkles to match the brown eyes which give a classy and fancy look to your overall outfit and will surely depict your personality.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

6. Purple Eyeshadow

This the perfect boost for your beautiful brown eyes. Purple shades complement dark brown eyes so well.

Nothing can go better than matt purple with your bright dress. This can go very well with your fair skin or dark skin and blonde hair.

Purple Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

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7. Taupe Eyeshadow

If you are somebody who is looking out for something smooth and subtle, then here you go taupe eyeshadow is the match for you. Just the perfect pick for your everyday makeup.

Taupe is a blend  of a gray toned shade with purple undertones. This is a cool color to add dramatic looks to your light brown eyes.

Nothing can go wrong in your look and makeup if you top it up with the perfect shade of eyeshadow complimenting your eye color.

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There is a little tip over here apply the subtle colors like grey, brown for the day time and the loud colors for the night parties.

Trying other metallic shades and shades like pink, yellow will enhance your eye makeup. Brown eyes work as a blank canvas where all shades portray a different story.

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