8 Ways: How to Remove Temporary Tattoos Easily at Home

Temporary tattoos are great rage for Halloween parties, for kids, a costume party where you just feel like looking sassy without the commitment of a real tattoo.

They are simple to apply and relatively easy to remove. However, at times these temporary tattoos may be stubborn to get off your skin.

These tattoos will typically last for a 10-12 days, depending on their quality, size, etc.

If you are hammering your mind trying to find ways to remove temporary tattoos?

If so we have herein listed some safe home remedies to remove fake tattoos.

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8 Ways to Remove Temporary/Fake Tattoos Easily at Home

1. Scrubbing

If your fake tattoo is a few days old and has started to fade or chip off, you’ll find that any coarse body scrub can help you to effectively remove the ink.

  • To start off you should exfoliate the skin by natural scrubbing.
  • Just take a pumice soap or a loofah and scrub the tattoo well enough for the dead skin to wash off.
  • Repeating this every day would certainly lighten the tattoo which will wear off sooner than otherwise.
  • Be sure to use a moisturising lotion on your skin after removing the tattoo, so as to avoid any redness or drying of the skin.

A regular henna tattoo must wean off by scrubbing with a natural scrub.

Indeed coarse flours like that of rice or chick pea and calcium bicarbonate i.e., soda bi carb should fasten the process of gradually weaning off. Once exercised regularly this can show significant results.

2. Baby Oil

  • This vitamin E enriched potion gives you yet another option to get rid of your ink. This elixir helps enormously to fade a temporary tattoo off.
  • Massage 4-5 drops of baby oil daily on the tattoo and rub enough for the oil to be soaked into the skin. Let the oil sit on the skin for 2-4 minutes.
  • You can use a paper towel in place of a washcloth to rub the inked skin.
  • This will make it easier to rub the temporary tattoo away.
  • Wash your skin until there is no oil left. Pat the area dry with a towel.

Baby oil being a light oil helps you to keep your skin light and comes with the added benefit of moisturization.

One can indeed replace baby oil with argan oil, almond oil or any other vitamin E rich oil.

Removing Fake Tattoos

3. Peeling

This is an effective method to take off fake tattoos which has been put only some days back or are relatively larger in size. You need some clear tape or a scotch tape for this process.

  • Cut some strips of the clear tape and press it down firmly on the tattooed skin.
  • Make sure it attaches to the surface of the temporary tattoo and covers it completely.
  • Rub the tape down along your skin for 1-2 minutes.
  • Peel of the tape off the skin and the fake tattoo should peel off with the tape.
  • You need to repeat the process, if its a large or new temporary tattoo.

Exposure of immature skin to peeling can be detrimental to the health of the skin.

4. Cold Cream

Although the fake tattoos eventually wear off, cold cream can be quite effective in temporary tattoo removal.

This is a kid-friendly method to remove those temporary tattoos easily from your child’s skin.

  • Just smear a dollop of cold cream on the tattoo and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Wipe off the cold cream thereafter with a washcloth.
  • Rinse with warm water if required.

Doing so everyday would certainly lighten the tattoo due to the vitamin E and other ingredients of a cold cream.

In addition one might as well use coconut oil to remove a temporary tattoo.

The best part of this process is that one achieves added moisturization without any side effects.

How to Remove Fake Tattoos

5. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover contains acetone, which is very fruitful in removing pigments and colors on the skin, and other surfaces.

  • Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover.
  • Dab it over the inked skin you wish to remove and rub it across the temporary tattoo.
  • The temporary ink should start to lift off almost immediately.
  • The tattoo will fade off gradually as nail polish remover excoriates the skin gently.

Note: This liquid might not be the best method for those with sensitive skin. Avoid this method for tattoos on the face, neck as this may cause redness and irritation.

How to Remove Temporary TattoosHow to Remove Temporary Tattoos
How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

6. Make up Remover

This is gentle method for kids that you have on hand is a cleansing milk or makeup remover.

  • Just soak a blob of cotton in a makeup remover and dab it over the temporary tattoo.
  • The henna tattoo will start fading away soon.
  • This is how you remove a tattoo with a micellar or make up remover.

7. Temporary Tattoo Removal Wipes

There are some special temporary tattoo removal wipes available in the market. You may find one here.

These contain ingredients which quickly dissolve the temporary tattoo. The wipes tend to work faster than other methods, but may pinch your pocket.

Note: Do not use these wipes on kid’s skin as their skin may be sensitive and react to it. For removing fake tattoos from your child’s skin you may use baby wipes.

8. Rubbing Alcohol

A popular go-to for fake tattoo removal is rubbing alcohol.

  • Soak a cloth or cotton ball in alcohol.
  • Apply the swab to the tattoo and gently rub.
  • The alcohol should quickly pull the tattoo off.

In wake of an urgent tattoo removal necessity, one may try two or more of the solutions mentioned.

Above all, each skin type and density of a tattoo would give out variant results.

Thus were mentioned remedies for tattoo removal. Observe these for a hassle free removal of your ink.

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