15 Amazing Tips to Lose Weight Fast | Best Weight Losing Ways

Your bestie’s wedding is around the corner and you have just realized that your weight loss plan is in the doldrums.

It could be because you are following a simple diet plan or crazy dieting or rather fasting session that invariably lands you to a handful of cupcakes and donuts and rich smoothies.

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But here goes a practical scheming of how to torture the fat deposits in your body and get in shape much faster.

Don’t fret; you will not have to starve or pop in supplements or pills like an eccentric or follow a rigorous weight loss diet or workout like the Hulk!

It is a mélange of little compromises and adjustments in your daily routine coupled with specific techniques.

This is because unless the dieting and works out plans are ideal for your lifestyle, you will never stick to it.

Select at least 4 to 5 of these scientifically researched tips and follow them for a week or 10 days or even more if you can and see the changes looming in your body as well as your mind.

So, if you start now, you will look and feel lighter right at this time in the next week.

Lose Weight Fast
Lose Weight Fast

15 Natural Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Slim Down Quickly

1. Drink Water to Your Heart’s Content

An energy drink or light beer and wine along with those rich fruit smoothies often find their ways into your daily routine.

But did you know that each serving of these drinks contains at least 100 calories that neither satisfies your cravings nor does any good to your body?

While there are some drinks rich in carbohydrate and sodium content that dupes your body to retain water, creating a bulge of you.

On the contrary, water has absolutely no carbohydrates and calories whatsoever with meager amounts of sodium which makes them a perfect slimming drink.

Not only that, it aids in flushing out the toxins along with excess water weight that kick-starts your metabolism. Well, if it sounds absolutely boring, sprinkle with some mint leaves and lemon wedges.

If you are yet not convinced, a recent German study has revealed that if you could gulp in about 2 glasses of water within a stipulated time frame, you are likely to hike your metabolic rate by 30 percent.

This indicates that if you can amplify your daily water intake by 1.5 liters, you will automatically lose an additional 17,400 calories within a year manifesting a 5 pounds weight loss.

Drink Water to Lose Weight Fast
Drink Water to Lose Weight Fast

2. Say Goodbye to All That’s White

Cutting carbs to lose weight is one of the most successful methods so be it your favorite pasta or spaghetti, white bread or simply white rice- all of them are rich in carbohydrates, resulting in a bulged belly.

The notable author of The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan, Jana Klauer is of opinion that consuming simple carbohydrates are detrimental to your weight loss as they get digested faster making you crave for more which often leads to overeating.

What you may do to curb down the ill-effects of carbohydrates is substituting the whole-grain products with fresh veggies.

This implies that instead of munching on the chicken sandwich try our chicken salad, those awesome tasting, and awfully unhealthy chips are suppressed by crunchy carrots and so on.

The veggies containing complex carbohydrates take the time to get digested as a result of which, you tend to feel fuller for longer.  What’s more, vegetables are all about water which helps them to push away excess water retention.

Diets to Lose Weight Fast
Diets to Lose Weight Fast

3. Embrace Cardio-Workouts for Half an Hour in a Day

All exercises which increase your heart rate would burn up more calories. Wendy Larkin, training manager at Crunch’s Polk Street Gym directs that if you are willing to lose more weight, you shall have to opt for a cardio routine that involves numerous muscle groups at a time.

Spinning, boot camp exercises, and kickboxing are going to be your best companions for the quick weight loss regime as 30 minutes of each exercise would torch 200 to 300 calories along with toning your core muscles as well as arms and legs which would make you look tighter and more slender.

If this could be coupled with interval training with alternating short sessions of intense cardio workout with sluggish activities then you can get even faster results if you looking to losing weight fast.

Genn Gaesser, director of Kinesiology Program at the University of Virginia suggests that interval training is a sure-shot booster of metabolism. Seen in this light, if you are in for a 1 mile of jogging every day, consider adding 1 minute of sprint after every 10 minutes of jogging.

Exercises to Lose Weight
Exercises to Lose Weight

4. Add in Yummy Dairies In Your Daily Diet to Lose Weight Fast

One of the easiest ways to lose weight and tone up is to eat low-fat dairy items including low-fat cheese, yogurt at least thrice a day.

As per the recent reports of research published in the Obesity Journal, this regime would help you lose 70 percent more fat than low-dairy dieting supplements.

This is due to the fact that calcium acts as an automatic switch that signals the body for losing weight faster as explained by the director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee.

You can aim to consume 1200 mg of calcium-rich dairy products distributed among three to four servings in a span of 24 hours.

Diet to Lose Weight
Diet to Lose Weight

5. Boost up Your Sportsman’s Spirit

While you are practicing the same hard training for the last few months, it is crucial to know that the more you are doing an activity, the more your body becomes adapted to it allowing you to lose fewer calories than before. But you are willing to buck up your metabolism and for this, you will have to opt for cross-training.

This indicated that if you are a regular jogger, look for cycling or swimming instead. As your body is not accustomed to the usage of new groups of muscles, it will result in a more intense workout, a rise in your metabolic rate and burning off more calories while your body is trying to recover and your tissues are craving for more oxygen, as suggested by Carol Espen, exercise psychologist at the Equinox Fitness Club, New York.

Tips to Lose Weight With Sports
Tips to Lose Weight With Sports

6. Eat More Proteins

Did you know that having an extra dose of protein is the best way to fire up your metabolic rate? As your digestive system uses up more energy in order to break it down, making you lose more calories.

But do not overdo it as that may take a toll on your kidneys compelling your body to store more fat.

Try to keep a 20 to 30 percent protein content in each meal which may comprise of eggs, chicken, soya, nuts and different types of fishes.

Fish-lovers are blessed with lower levels of a hormone termed, leptin which is largely responsible for lowering down metabolism and resulting in obesity. So, aim at three servings of your favorite fatty fishes like tuna or mackerel or salmon through the span of a week.

Eat More Proteins to Lose Weight
Eat More Proteins to Lose Weight

7. Say Goodbye to Alcohol for Better Metabolism

If you don’t want your most loved meals hit at your belly, thighs, and hips, stop supplementing them with a glass of wine or beer.

These alcohols would not just down slow down your metabolism but also depress your central nervous system. Sounds serious; isn’t it?

A recently conducted British study showed that when high-calorie meals are coupled with alcohol, the lesser amount was burned off and more of it was deposited in the form of fat.

Water, on the other hand, contain no calories but helps the body to flush it out the toxins. That’s the reason, many dieticians suggest taking liquid diet comprising of healthy veggie soup, apple cider vinegar, juices, green tea and shakes that make you lose weight fast for a certain time frame to see better results.

Lose Weight Quickly
Lose Weight Quickly

8. Never Skip the Breakfast ~ If You Want to Shed Calories

Some people believe that skipping the first meal of the day would help them to lose fat, but they are invariably awarded contrary outcomes.

There are numerous studies carried out in different parts of the world which show eating a healthy breakfast plays a vital role in the successful loss of unhealthy weight.

According to a report published in the Obesity Research, it is mentioned that as your metabolism slows down while you are asleep through the night, it needs a kick-start in the form of digesting a healthy heavy breakfast.

So, if you are willing to follow a vegan diet plan, you may munch on a fruit with fiber-rich cereals and skimmed milk. Or if there are no such restrictions, egg whites, and baked fish along with half-boiled veggies are a great energy-booster at the start of the day.

Also, incorporate peanut butter into your breakfast as it is rich in magnesium, which would not only upswing your metabolism but also give your cells the energy they need.

9. Munch in all Through the Day

While you can’t chew the cud in its literal sense, you may graze all through the day to dupe your body into believing that you are constantly eating allowing it to keep the metabolism in its high gear.

Eat 5 little meals all along the day, each comprising of 200 to 400 calories in place of three mammoth meals.

Also don’t allow a gap of more than 4 hours in between the meals which allows that a breakfast at 8 in the morning paves the way a brunch at 11, a lunch afternoon and a snack at 4 ending with the dinner at 7 in the evening.

10. Have More Iron and Magnesium in Your Diet

If you are willing to lose more weight without exercise, you should increase iron intake. If your system is deficient in iron, it will not be able to send sufficient amount of oxygen to the cells, resulting in dropping metabolism.

A safe way to help this is by consuming multivitamin supplements along with home remedies like lean meat, chicken, soy nuts, and cereals.

Banana, though is not a great source of iron yet it contains a high amount of Vitamin C that aids in the absorption of iron and loads of potassium that shoots up the metabolism through the regulation of water balance of the body, as indicated by the author of the Lark Letter, Susan Lark.

Dehydration leads to burning of fewer calories and so you must ensure a daily consumption of 2,000 mg of magnesium every day and there is hardly any better source for it other than bananas.

Losing Weight With Magnesium
Losing Weight With Magnesium

11. Bid Farewell to the Stroller

It’s natural to gain weight after pregnancy. If your little one is in love with the outdoor ambiance, he or she could actually help mama lose baby weight fast. All you have to do is dump the stroller and pick up the carrier instead while strolling down the walkways or the park in your locale.

This would also help you lose belly fat fast as you would have to carry that additional weight of your baby, straining your lower groups of muscles as well while you are walking leisurely in the morning.

12. Intake of Sour Fruits to Flush off the Toxins

Who doesn’t love apples, oranges, limes or grapefruits? You are already aware that they are rich in Vitamin C, but did you know that they can rev up your metabolism and compel your body to give up on the fat deposits making you slim?

This simple trick will make your inner system much cleaner, burn fat and provide your body with the nutrition it requires.

Enliven your daily diet by adding all sorts of citrus fruits starting from cranberries to guavas to Indian gooseberries. If water appears too boring at times, sprinkling lime juice to flavor it up would land you in a win-win situation.

Best Ways To Lose Weight with Citrus Fruits
Best Ways To Lose Weight with Citrus Fruits

13. Spice it Up

A kick of spicy food would do equal good for men as well as for women. Adding a few slices of cayenne or jalapenos to your veggie or chicken salad would not only tingle your taste buds but also rejuvenate your wilting metabolism.

The capsaicin which signals your body to increase the release of adrenaline which in turn boosts up the metabolism and also acts as a fat burner.

14. Quick Workout is all Your Body Wants

A quick workout session in the form of push-ups or lunges or running or cycling or simply power walking whenever you have free time is the natural way to gain muscle and an effective form of avoiding unhealthy weight gain.

If you don’t have time dedicated to cardio workouts, you may involve in some fast-paced exercises that won’t take much time but burn fat and make you slim and trim within a short span.

Aim to be on a move when you are talking over the phone or during your snack break. You wouldn’t believe how that ten-minute quickie is going to make you feel lighter within a week!

15. An Extra Hour of Sleep does Matter

Could you ever imagine that hitting the snooze button could do any good to you other than filling you up with an inexplicable joy of getting those few extra minutes to sleep?

Even though you may not believe, when you deprive your body of the rest it deserves, your body conspires to allow an unhealthy weight gain as the hormones leptin and ghrelin are not able to function effectively making you eat more than required instead of signaling that your hunger is well-satiated.

A report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that normally resting people are able to spend more calories than those who lead a life of deprivation.

What’s more, sufficient sleep allows your brain to function more efficiently and this also plays a part in selecting what you pick up for breakfast the next morning!

Ways to Lose Weight Quickly
Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

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